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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gray, wet...

Changing weather with the threat of rain convinced (my bicycle and) me to stay close to home this weekend. Yesterday the skies were a deep shade of gray. I chose to pay attention to the forecast which called for a wet afternoon, heading out early to do a somewhat constrained loop. After all, I didn't want to be too far from home if droplets of water started coming out of the sky. I was only halfway through my planned ride when the splatter of raindrops started to decorate the road. Uh oh! But wait, it's letting up! In a very quick switch, the sun actually decided to join the parade, turning the early afternoon bright and steamy. Given the forecast for rain, I'd say I was pretty lucky.

Today was a somewhat different story. The sky was a lighter shade of gray, and heavy rain was predicted for late in the day. It was a cool day - temperatures in the low 50s - and the pavement was dry. I was a little surprised when I headed out (yes, on my bike!) to find that the air was full of suspended droplets of water. It wasn't raining, but my sunglasses were very quickly coated with water drops, and the bicycle frame sported some as well. It wasn't a messy ride day (as in the bike didn't need to be cleaned), but the combination of cool and mist meant it was a good day for a relatively short ride.

All things considered, it was good timing for a weekend with not fabulous riding weather. I managed two decent rides - even though they were shorter than I'd like at this time of year - and I had lots of time to become more acquainted with my new computer.

Late spring, flowers continue to emerge...